Scaled Agile Framework

PCG helps Public Entity Implement Scaled Agile Framework on Large Modernization Effort.

The Public Entity, when undertaking a $90 million effort to modernize its core systems, decided to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework to organize and manage its delivery capabilities. With over 50 developers, analysts, product owners, and business owners, moving from a waterfall lifecycle method to agile posed significant challenges. By adopting the Scaled Agile Framework, the agency aligned and coordinated the efforts of five delivery teams. Each team used scrum to organize its work and coordinate work together in ten-week increments. They identified and planned for cross-team dependencies. The overall direction was driven by a prioritized backlog of portfolio items that the business leaders controlled and kept aligned.

Key Activities

  • Organized and led efforts to prioritize the overall program backlog
  • Led Scrum teams through the transition to Scaled Agile Framework
  • Led business teams through the transition to Scaled Agile Framework


After successful adoption of Scaled Agile Framework, work remains aligned with measurable progress against their baseline. The teams deliver and demonstrate a working product every two weeks. They demonstrate and deliver larger, integrated working products every ten weeks. Planning occurs at the team level every two weeks, and every ten weeks for the entire program.

The Public Entity is well on its way to achieving its objectives to modernize their core systems.

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