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PCG Helps Large Software Project Create High Quality Software with Multiple Teams


In 2015, a public entity began a new agile phase in a multi-million dollar software development project. PCG provided a scrum master for the team and established the scrum process for the new effort. The team excelled, producing releasable code every two-week sprint. With high morale, team members increased their productivity and quality. Stakeholders saw progress by attending showcase demonstrations every sprint. This process scaled up to 4 more teams. A multi team effort implemented the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and used SAFe to build a collaborative software product.

Key Activities

  • Established Team Agreements, TFS Template and configuration, and Scrum cadence
  • Conducted Team workshops of daily stand-ups, sprint planning, user story writing, user story grooming, retrospectives, and showcases
  • Implemented SAFe in the team including Inspect and Adapt, Release Train workshops and daily Scrum of Scrums stand-ups
  • Mentored other scrum masters on cadence, activities and team dynamics
  • Managed team relationships with other teams


  • Team achieved goals of building the right software well on time
  • Stakeholders were delighted with results
  • Team morale and engagement soared to new heights, providing project sustainability

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