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PCG Project Management Reduces Reports Processing Time for Public Entity from Days down to Hours


A social program and call center supported by a Public Entity struggled to process reports in a timely manner, sometimes requiring up to 4 days. PCG supported this Public Entity through the creation, launch and first-year operational support of internal and public-facing systems that receive, assess, route and track separate reports. PCG developed the project plan, acquired resources and managed the execution of process centralization and systems re-design. As part of the project, PCG managed RFP development, vendor selection, contract negotiation, vendor onboarding and ongoing performance oversight for the Call Center managed by this Public Entity. In support of a public information campaign, PCG managed the creation of program branding, led RFP development for a marketing partner, and oversaw vendor selection and campaign development delivery. To establish post-launch program support, PCG developed a management dashboard for operational oversight and summary reporting. That dashboard allowed the Public Entity to track their program roadmap for future IT development phases, another feature designed by PCG.

Key Activities

  • Redesigned Business to support centralized 24/7 report-taking, immediate notifications and referral to relevant stakeholders
  • Developed infrastructure and application, testing to support new processes
  • Mentored business staff on continuous improvement, process design, Agile, business roles in IT projects and call center operations
  • Managed Call-Center activities including RFP writing process, vendor evaluation and selection, onboarding and establishment of key performance indicators
  • Conducted Gap Analysis and reviewed interfaces to existing systems and processes


  • The Call Center successfully operates 24/7 and receives up to 1,000 reports per week
  • Reports are assessed for immediate risks, makes all necessary referrals and promptly submits reports to the appropriate destinations
  • Most reports are now processed within 1 hour, and all are handled within 4 hours or less

Thanks to PCG, this public entity spends less time stuck in the muck and more time serving its beneficiaries.

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