Business Requests for Global Bank

Project: PCG leverages Scaled Agile Framework and VersionOne to Prioritize and Plan Business Requests for Global Bank



A major global bank faced a growing volume of demand for changes to some of its core systems. As a result of acquisition and divestiture activity, as well as a strategy to expand globally, leaders faced the challenge of maximizing the value of their scarce IT resources. PCG recommended an approach leveragingf Lean-Agile principles found in the Scaled Agile Framework. By measuring the Cost of Delay for all business requests, then dividing that value by a relative sizing of effort, the business now rapidly evaluates “bang for the buck” without the need to invest in detailed cost-benefit analyses. By measuring Cost of Delay, the business quickly sees how much business value, risk, opportunity, and time value is consumed in a given system release, and how much remains in the pipeline.

Once prioritized, analysts and developers can “pull” work into their area (while adhering to limits on their work-in-process) when capacity becomes available.

To visualize its portfolio and workflow, PCG is working with this client to implement the VersionOne agile lifecycle management tool.

Key Activities

  • Process design.
  • Training and socialization of the process to a widely distributed group of stakeholders.
  • Facilitation of Prioritization Workshops.
  • Implementation of VersionOne for Portfolio Management. For this ongoing project, Scaled Agile Framework and VersionOne is proving extremely helpful for the Global Bank to optimize their IT resources.

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