Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Consulting

PCG provides Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture consulting services, across the entire lifecycle, to help companies achieve their goals and objectives.

What is the Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Process?

At a high level, there are three (3) primary phases to the process, whether you are buying or selling a business:  Strategic Analysis and Selection, Deal Execution, and Integration or Divestiture. Each phase has many variables and details to consider and companies well-versed in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures can still have difficulties navigating the process. Even Fortune 500 companies, despite their large strategy departments, can make mistakes — sometimes costing billions—and not increase value or achieve the desired result.  



Our Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Consulting Services focus on the following four areas: 

  1. Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Strategic Analysis and Selection
  2. Merger and Acquisition (M&A) End-to-End Process Management 
  3. Divestment End-to-End Process Management 
  4. Integration or Divestiture Implementation 

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Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Strategic Analysis and Selection

Our M&A consulting team helps steer companies through the strategy, financial analysis, and legalities to consider in preparing for the M&A selection process:

  • Identify - Lead the research and business intelligence necessary to determine the strategic objective 
  • Strategize - Ascertain the acquisition target(s) that constitute the right fit for the company using our proprietary investigative process. Analyze and determine which acquisition target has the healthiest balance sheet and represents the lowest risk to your company in achieving its goals. Begin integration planning while M&A strategy develops. By doing this early in the process, integration needs/costs become a consideration that factors into the selection process.
  • Determine - Select a short list of acquisition targets and conduct financial due diligence and investigative research to determine top candidate.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) End-to-End Process Management 

Upon selection of the top acquisition target there’s still a considerable amount of due diligence, legalities and paperwork that PCG can help facilitate so your company can successfully seal the deal. Once completed, PCG can lead the organization through the challenges of integration implementation.

  • Deal Execution - Navigate terms and conditions of the deal, price negotiations and/or tender offers, Legal process and filings, Stock vs. Cash payment options and requirements, Communications planning and implementation including Internal Communications, Public Relations, Investor Relations, and Media Relations.
  • Integration - Validate the integration strategy and plans developed throughout earlier stages of the M&A process remain optimal. Address M&A process changes caused by both external and internal variables to your organization before deal is completed.
  • Implementation - Organize, educate, and implement integration to optimize value gained by the acquisition, emphasizing communications and organizational change management, regardless of the extent of the integration. Consider integration strategies depending on whether the M&A is horizontal, vertical, conglomerate, and other considerations.

Divestment Process Management - Selling a Business

PCG’s divestment consulting services can help prepare your business or a business line for the divestiture process to ensure maximum value. The divestiture process mirrors the acquisition process, with the same three (3) high-level phases:  

  • Analysis and Selection - Lead financial analysis and divestiture valuation process, documentation, selection of a short list of target bidders, and/or engagement with business broker. 
  • Deal Execution - Respond to bidder interest. Navigate the due diligence process, including investigative analysis of the bidder, response to bidder questions, and legalities and paperwork involved in finalizing the sale.
  • Divestiture Implementation- Oversee communications, change management, employee severance.  Organize, educate, and implement an efficient, streamlined approach.  

Integration or Divestiture Implementation

The PCG management team’s 20 years of experience will lead your organization to success. Our best-in-class team members will address process deviations, oversee change management, and adapt to changing project circumstances to ensure a successful integration or divestiture. 

  • Assess and Plan - Assess integration or divestiture strategy and planned approach. Determine potential value added changes to approach or timeline. Address M&A process deviations caused by internal or external factors before deal completion.
  • Manage - Organize, educate, and implement an approach designed for optimal value, alignment, and efficiencies; communications and organizational change management.
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