GDPR Compliance Consulting

With the new European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25th, 2018, is your company prepared to meet its obligations? 

The PCG team is here to help you meet the challenges presented to your organization in designing and implementing a compliant approach to data governance, data management and data privacy.  

What is GDPR compliance?

GDPR requires organizations with operations or customers in Europe to take on more accountability in establishing and maintaining mature data governance programs. This ensures the protection of individuals’ personal data such as names, addresses, identification numbers, transactional information, financial information, email and more.

Noncompliant companies lacking effective data governance programs jeopardize the privacy of their consumers’ personal data and may face heavy fines —up to 4% of gross annual revenue. PCG will help ensure that you are not exposing your organization to fines and additional risk.

Leading up to and in the time since GDPR went into effect, misinformation and myths have swirled about the internet regarding everything from who is in scope to the penalties an organization could face. For more information, PCG has published the following overview: GDPR - Five Myths Debunked

GDPR Key Requirements:

Data subjects have the right to:

  • Give sufficient consent
  • Access data
  • Know data collection methods
  • Rectify errors
  • Be forgotten (data erasure)
  • Restrict data use
  • Object to data usage

Organizations have the responsibility to:

  • Protect data by design
  • Account for risk 
  • Process data securely
  • Give breach notification
  • Designate a data protection officer
  • Maintain record of data processing practices


PCG's GDPR Compliance Consulting Services can provide you the expertise needed to ensure that your organizations data governance practices and data management strategies are GDPR compliant. With deep knowledge of GDPR requirements, governance methodology, and access to industry leading data management tools, PCG will guide you through the vast and complex GDPR compliance process.

  1. Readiness Assessment (Current-State)
  2. Options Analysis (Future-State Design)
  3. GDPR Solution Implementation (People, Processes & Tools)

Contact PCG today at 1.800.731.7153 to discuss your GDPR Compliance needs and objectives and to schedule your complimentary discovery session.


1. Readiness assessment (Current-State)

PCG will evaluate your readiness to meet GDPR requirements and organizational capability to reach full compliance.

  • Define—Document GDPR scope and requirements for your organization
  • Discover—Analyze what data exists, if it is impacted by GDPR, who uses it, where it goes, and what processes manage it throughout its entire life cycle
  • Evaluate – Assess your current data governance practices and identify systems and processes that support or impede compliance 

2. Options Analysis (Future-State)

Using advanced data management tools, PCG will identify risk mitigation opportunities and options for building defensible data governance practices. This process will deliver an executable data governance framework and compliant data protection plan.

  • Identify—seek and identify data channels which present opportunities for risk mitigation; define organizational changes needed for compliance
  • Connect—use data governance and management platforms to connect data to measurable business objectives and align with GDPR compliance requirements
  • Create—build an effective and compliant data governance framework with defensible practices.

3. GDPR Solution Implementation (People, Processes & Tools)

PCG will manage the implementation process, helping drive organizational improvement to meet compliance goals. With over 20 years of program management experience, PCG will deliver an effective and cost-efficient data governance program which will reduce risk and generate trust with stakeholders. 

  • Manage – Oversee and manage program compliance requirements, ensure an on time and on budget delivery, manage organizational change  
  • Control— Address issue management, risk management, proactively monitor budget and schedule; change requests
  • Transition—Provide ongoing program governance support to internal stakeholders  
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