Data Protection Officer (DPO) Outsourcing

Do you have a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Did you know the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates that an organization appoint a Data Protection Officer?

The DPO is expected to have expert knowledge on data governance and data management practices in relation to data privacy and protection. Many companies do not have the internal capacity or subject matter expertise to address this role; whereas outsourcing this function can be a cost-effective alternative which is permitted under the regulation.  

Project Consulting Group offers an innovative outsourced DPO program built upon our 20+ years of data regulatory experience. We help companies achieve and maintain GDPR compliance while balancing data protection, technical costs, operational costs, revenue impacts, productivity impacts, and innovation. Our staff are experts in data management, data protection, and GDPR requirements and bring the leadership needed to effectively communicate data protection principles to all stakeholders. 

What is a DPO?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for overseeing the protection of personal information and compliance. They should be accessible, knowledgeable on data protection and risk management, and be free from any conflicts of interest. They work to facilitate a culture of data protection throughout the company and build enterprise wide compliance. 

Some DPO duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Inform those who handle personal information on their data protection obligations
  • Advise on data protection obligations defined by GDPR and other Union or Member State provisions
  • Monitor for GDPR compliance or other Union or Member State data protection provisions
  • Assign data protection responsibilities to staff and facilitate a culture of data protection
  • Conduct staff training on data protection obligations
  • Advise on Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Act as the contact point for the supervisory authority and data subjects as needed
  • Take a risk management approach to all personal information processing

Do I need a DPO?

GDPR requires a DPO under the following scenarios:

  • If your company is a public authority (e.g. government agency/utility company)
  • If your company engages in system monitoring (e.g. location, behavioral, loyalty programs)
  • If your company processes sensitive personal data on a large scale
Note: Certain EU member states have more stringent provisions around the assignment of a DPO.  

Regardless if your company meets the definition of requiring a DPO, we still highly recommend the appointment of a DPO.  More rigid personal data protection regulations from countries around the world (including the United States) will continue for years, and a DPO will help companies “future-proof” their data protection practices as more regulations come down the pipeline. 

If your company experiences an unplanned data privacy audit or breach the impact can be greater than fines. Your company may face negative press coverage, employee turnover, loss of business partners, reduced customer trust, loss of revenue, and expensive litigation. Focused management of data privacy should be on the radar of every company and assigning a data protection officer role is a critical step. 

How Can PCG Help?

PCG offers experienced affordable outsourced DPOs. We work with you to develop a holistic approach to data protection that balances business, technical, compliance and operational needs. Our experts are trained in data protection, security, and know GDPR requirements. We bring leadership needed to effectively communicate data protection principles to all key stakeholders. 

Contact PCG today at 1.800.731.7153 to discuss your Data Protection Officer (DPO) needs and objectives and to schedule your complimentary discovery session.

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