Data Breach Readiness and Management

No one is immune to a data breach. With current technology and operations, no company is 100% secure. In today’s data driven world, not a week goes by without “big news” of the latest data breach. Data breaches do not only come from malicious hackers, they are commonly attributed to employees that inadvertently access, share, or lose data. Less than 5% of breaches occur on “secured data”. When it comes to data breaches, the question is not if, but when.  

A well-defined data breach readiness and management plan should not be an afterthought for companies. It is typically considered required due diligence, and further considerations and legal/regulatory obligations may apply when organizations handle personal or sensitive information of citizens across the globe. A prepared and functional data breach management team is the best way to reduce the direct and indirect impacts of a breach. This team should be a partnership between business, human resource, legal, operations, technology, and security.  

How Could A Data Breach Affect You?

Data breach instances are growing at an alarming rate; while becoming faster and larger in scope.  Approximately 1500 companies are breached annually and the total records compromised nearly double each year.

A breach can cost companies millions of dollars and an organization must work quickly and accurately to navigate the terrain. The impact for organizations can be greater than fines. A company may experience negative press coverage, employee turnover, loss of business partner or customer trust, expensive litigation, and regulatory issues. Focused data protection needs to be on the radar of every company.

How Can PCG Help?

Experienced PCG consultants will work with you to develop an Enterprise Data Breach Readiness Strategy and Management Plan so your company is prepared for the worst-case scenario – an actual breach.   Since 1998, PCG has worked with companies and regulatory bodies to implement breach planning and incident response. Below are some services PCG provides, although we can tailor services based on the client needs. 

  1. Perform a Current-State Assessment: PCG evaluates your Enterprise Data Breach Management Strategy and creates actionable recommendations and roadmap where applicable.                                                  
  2. Create an Enterprise Data Breach Management Plan: PCG will develop, with key stakeholders, an Enterprise Data Breach Management Strategy and Response Plan that will guide your organization through the full lifecycle of a data breach - from preparedness through recovery.                                        
  3. Execute Test (Mock) Run:  The ability to respond to a data breach in a timely manner is essential. An untested response plan is as useful as not having a plan. A test run will engage your teams, with a mock scenario, to determine your readiness and effectiveness of breach identification, containment, investigation, remediation, and communication.  
  4. Real-world Event Response - Need emergency guidance because of a breach or want to ensure you have access to those that do? Our experienced consultants are dedicated to delivering world-class results in a faster, smarter, and more cost-effective manner. We will help ensure that you respond and manage the complexities of a breach efficiently and effectively.
  5. Provide Strategic Oversight Leadership Workshops: Not sure where to start? PCG provides workshops that will take stakeholders through the steps of building out a mature Enterprise Data Breach Response plan.

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